Monday, March 12, 2012


Do you take quality time everyday from your busy life to spend with your Creator? Do you intentionally rest from the daily challenges of the world in order to let your mind and body recuperate? In the scriptures, Jesus often separated Himself from others and His ministry so that He could spend time with the Father. He often encouraged His disciples to "rest" and take time away from their ministry to recharge the body and refocus the mind.

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Multivitamin supplements can be a great way to get the extra vitamins and minerals that are lacking from your diet. Unfortunately, not all multivitamins are derived from natural sources such as plants, sprouts, fruits and vegetables. Most vitamins are synthetically-derived, laboratory simulations of real vitamins. The problem with synthetically produced vitamins is that they simply do not assimilate well into the body because they are not truly natural. In a recent longitudinal study, it was shown that most multivitamins have little or no benefit to your health. In fact, some vitamin supplements proved harmful in the long run, according to this study.

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